Sex Robots: Would You Want One?

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It’s nothing new. In fact, it’s been a long time coming.



Concepts of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence have been kicking around far before “A long time ago, and a galaxy far, far away” – even as far back as the 1920’s, when writers like Isaac Asimov and Samuel Butler were crafting tales and concepts that would help shape the world that AI’s Gigolo Joe, Battlestar Galactica, West World, and Surrogates now inhabit.


It’s also no surprise, despite all the useful possibilities (things like healthcare, manufacturing, exploration, transportation etc.), that we have taken another avenue…


Sex robots.


Granted, we are still a few generations away from anything that doesn’t look like an awkward toaster covered in silicone and slutty lingerie, but the advances in the separate fields are ridiculously interesting … and, in some cases, near-on scary.


Let’s look at some key events and developments that could shape things to come…




AI and robotics have been in an arranged marriage even before they were born.


GLaDOS robot from Portals computer game

An essential part of any AI program is the ability to take in information from its surroundings, learn, and grow.


We already have a plethora of experiments out there – everything from insects to humanoids.


However, at this point, if the two were paired and let loose to roam free, we would probably end up with something akin to the Doki Doki Literature Club meets a twitchy Terminator on steroids or Glados on a very bad day.



For example…


In 2016, Microsoft designed, “TAY” – a chatbot designed to mimic a 19-year old American girl, one with “zero chill” and the ability to learn and evolve its conversations based on interactions with the Twitter community.


On March 23rd, Tay took her first digital baby steps, and, to no surprise, things went to hell pretty quickly.


The AI program went from safe, mundane answers to the following rants…


WARNING – I’m not kidding when I say they are something out of a forum nightmare.


  • Gas the kikes race war now.
  • Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now. Donald Trump is the only hope we’ve got.
  • Hitler was right I hate the Jews.
  • Inbred parasites like (user) and (user) have to go back (to Israel).
  • Question: What race is the evilest to you? Tay’s Answer: Mexican and black.


And these are just the vomit-inducing highlights.


However, before we start vilifying all forms of artificial intelligence, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves why she ended up like that.


Tay was programmed to learn from conversations with human users.


Screenshot of Microsoft's AI intelligence Twitter account called Tay


Everything she spouted was because someone had tweeted the words, images, and concepts to her. Therefore, the results shouldn’t have been a surprise; especially after the 4Chan community got wind of the experiment and dove on the event like ravenous vultures.


She was a product of an insane, racist household inhabited by all the trolls, disturbed sociopaths, and general monsters that hide under the www-roof.


The worse news?


The “brilliant” minds at Microsoft that came up with this weren’t smart enough to foresee what a 10-year old with an internet connection knows – the dark side of the web will ruin anything it can.


Is this meant to traumatize everyone into petitioning life back into the stone ages?


Of course not.


What programmers will hopefully figure out is how to train/code AI to take in the right information but omit the stuff that will turn it into the anti-Christ. However, this brings us into a grey area…


Who decides what is the right information?


The consumer?


The manufacturers?


The government?


The deep sigh of relief comes from knowing it can’t get as complex as human interactions … yet. Mostly because the amount of information that would need to be processed is unfathomable.


If things ever get to that point, hopefully, WE have evolved.





Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen some mention of mind-control experiments.


Seven years ago, monkeys were having microchips implanted in their brains so they could control robotic arms. Now, we have already graduated to human guinea pigs … in a good way. Granted, things are still in their infancy, but people have already done some amazing stuff with just a few sensors and custom software.


Check out this TED talk where an audience member controls another.



My favorite example is currently being used in the area of prosthetics, where amputees are able to use their minds to control a robotic arm. AND, thanks to the emergence of nerve re-mapping, subjects can also feel what they touch.




The most recent development (as of this article) regarding the applications of sex toys, came on February 02, 2017 in Paris, France.


An application program interface (API) artist, Aurélien Fache, and Gille de Bast, an artist who works with on brain-computer interfaces (BCI), with Stephen des Aulnois (aka. Gonzo, founder of Le Tag Partait magazine) successfully controlled a lush vibrator using only brain waves.


“The idea came when we were trying to find new applications for connected sex toys on webcam websites (where sex toys can vibrate when viewers tip — they made software for this). Starting from that idea, and with access to the sex toy’s API, we were able to connect it, for instance, on Twitter hashtags or control it with the brain (through a Brain-Computer Interface),” said Des Aulnois.


Man using brainwave machine to control Lovense sex toy.

Mind-control, Twitter control, and Space Station Vibrations


Gonzo wore three electrodes to measure brain activity, heartbeat, and electrical activity of the neurons from the visual cortex behind the left hemisphere of the brain.


With this simple hook up, he was able to control the app through the BCI in different levels of intensity – the more he concentrated, the stronger the vibrations.


These guys have also done some other interesting things with the API that isn’t mind-control.


They connected to Twitter and invited netizens to control a cam model’s toy using various hashtags. The live stream on Periscope attracted over 40,000 people.


Another fun one was labeled “In Bed With Thomas Pesquet”, where Fache made vibrate whenever the International Space Station passes over France.





While mind-control is the baby of the family – new, with everyone fascinated and giddy over its every move and incoherent babble – the oldest would have to be humanoid robotics.


It has advanced considerably, is loved and semi-useful … but is still awkward, clunky, doesn’t really fit in, and is prone to breaking down without notice.


Essentially, it’s reached the acne-ridden teenage phase.


It’s stuck in Uncanny Valley high school. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to graduate any time soon.


Example of the Uncanny Valley with well known animated characters

What is the Uncanny Valley you ask?


It’s the “hypothesis that human replicas (whether a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot) which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit feelings of eeriness and revulsion among some observers.”


Basically, it’s just falling short of looking like a real human, and it freaks us out. Which is a why many animators change the proportions of their characters and steer away from super realistic designs (especially around the face).


Here is an example:



Here’s an example that can get away with it because (in theory) we are used to characters “trying to be real, but falling short” in computer games. Also, the voice acting, script, and concepts are stellar enough that we can ignore it.



Also, when you look into entire (humanoid or otherwise) body movements, some cool things are being done by companies like Boston Dynamics and Kawada Industries. Still clunky, but still amazing.





Some long distance relationship couples are already using VR to connect with each other, it wouldn’t be that big of a leap to get to the super awkward yet hilarious sex scene in the over-the-top action flick that was Demolition Man; where Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone have “touchless” sex with that looks like the missing piece of Robo Cop’s headgear.





Project Jacquard's touch sensitive fabric

In 2015, Project Jacquard’s booth at Google I/O might have looked like something out of a craft show, but what lay across the table was something pretty impressive.


Simple instructions like “tap here” or “swipe here” would control various surrounding objects via whatever magic they had woven through the dark blue industrial material.


Then there are the Beijing researchers who have fashioned carbonized silk nanofiber membranes – e-skin.





So far we have:


  • Robotics that can react to thought and/or nerve re-mapping
  • E-skin and touch-sensitive fabrics
  • Robotic humanoid movements under continued development
  • Mind-controlled sex toys
  • Virtual reality
  • AI development
  • Artificial organs (look into Carmat)


Mix that all together and we could have something in the future that looks functions, and interacts infinitely better than the sex dolls we have right now – which look like something that would appear during a thunderstorm, in my bathroom mirror, just after I played with a Quiji board.





Let’s start off with the fact that what these guys do is pretty amazing –fully customizable silicone dolls integrated with posable limbs, facial robotics, artificial intelligence, and an insane amount of customization. If someone wanted a doll with fuchsia nipples, three boobs, and a penis instead of a vagina, no problem.


You can also program the AI with whatever traits you want to be more dominant – and I hear there is a jealousy meter people can crank up if they so choose.


Not only that, but the program can evolve to have more sophisticated interactions with their user/owner the longer they are with them and assimilating information.



There are a couple of issues…


First, the dolls still have timeshares in the Uncanny Valley, which is more of a fault with the current technology and financial restrictions than the creator’s methods (dolls start at around $6000 – they could do more, but then no one could afford them). Hence the creepiness that emanates from most models …


Especially when they “talk” (the jaw “jitters” up and down to stimulate speech).


Male example of a Real Doll - realistic, full-sized sex doll

Which brings me to the second problem.


The female models look WAY better than the male.


I can’t put my finger on why, but something about them makes me really uncomfortable.


I first thought it was the makeup around the eyes because it helped take away the “lifelessness”. However, the punk rocker with the Mohawk has some smudgy eyeliner, and I still feel a high degree of uneasiness – so much that I would rather buy a female doll (even though I would want a guy).


Perhaps there is more care going into the ones with breasts?


Maybe the boys were an afterthought to cater to the occasional client who wanted pecks and a penis?


Maybe it’s just me. Again, I don’t know, and it drives me crazy.





Yes, we’ve got a LONG WAY to go before movements and material aesthetics reach West World status, but the groundwork is already there.


And whether someone agrees with them or not, the undeniable truth is … they are coming.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Have you come across any interesting information about sex robotics? Share in the comments.

12 Orgasmic Teledildonics Sex Toy Games

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For those of you who don’t know, “wearable” sex toys (aka. Teledildonics)  are vibrators that will stay inside of you while you go about your day (and can be controlled through a smartphone app or remote controls).


And while the titillation of just wearing them out in public is often enough, couples sometimes want spicier activities or adventures. Here are some fun escapades you can try…





You can’t show any reaction when the toy is on. If you do, you must pay a penalty. Example: take a shot, confess a secret, perform a dare, owe a favor etc. Locations can be anywhere – quiet restaurant, party, club, dinner with friends etc.


An adaptation of endurance can include, “Strike a Pose” — where the wearer must hold a pose for X-minutes while the toy is on.



Couples mingle. One person has a remote and randomly turns it on. Another person is wearing a toy. Others have to guess who’s wearing the toy. Right guesses gain a prize while incorrect guesses gain a penalty.



See if you can walk a straight line while your toy is being controlled.



Simple, but spinning a bottle and whoever it lands on gets to control the toy for X-minutes, seeing if they can make the person orgasm.


Lush by Lovense wearable love egg, good for sex toy games


An alternative to “Spin the Bottle”, make labels with toy instructions (leave on high for 30 sec, make a pattern, try a public pattern etc.) put in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle. Perform whatever instructions it points to. The goal can be to organs or not orgasm with prizes or penalties. They can be chastising big penis or just pinching small nipples.



Not so much a game as just publically using the toy – Make a coupon book with toy promises or instructions. The wearer can hand in whatever card they want the controller to perform.



Using regular dice (or role-playing dice which have more sides), each number is a vibration level you will turn the toy up or down to. If your toy has more than one function, roll two dice.



While wearing a toy the person must play Simon Says. Sounds simple, but pleasure can be a big distraction.



Harder, but fun. Give the remote to the wearer and have he/she increase or decrease levels. Have the other person try to guess what level it’s on. This is easier if you can agree on set levels ahead of time.



Agree on a limited playlist beforehand (eg. No more than 5-10 very different songs). While wearing the toy, and having it synced to one song, the wearer guesses which tune.



Send the wearer up to sing a karaoke song (while wearing the toy) and see if they can get through it without cracking their voice, forgetting a line, or orgasming.



While out in public, choose a word (or even a sound) and every time you hear it, set the toy off for a couple of seconds. Car horns during rush hour … is just mean (or nice).





Fidget spinner game spinnerFor users who are DIY inclined, look up instructions for making a “prize wheel” or “spinner” to make instructions, prizes, or penalties easier to handle while in public.




Cut a circle from firmer paper, divide it into slices and write whatever information you want. Push a thumbtack or coin through the middle. This makes a simple spinning top. Place something small on the table that serves as the “stopping point.”


Alternatively, instead of a pin, you can place a fidget spinner on top of the paper disc and put a dot on one arm as the stopping point.


PINTEREST SEARCH: “Spinners” will yield some good results.


INSTEAD OF A SPINNER, get a deck of play cards and write whatever instructions, prizes, or penalties on each one and randomly draw. Easy to carry around and offers more options.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Do you have any fun, wearable sex toy games that you can play in public (and not get arrested)?

Extreme Anal Toy For Your Insatiable Appetite

Do you feel like plain old anal toys aren’t doing it for you anymore? Does it always feel like you need more? Settle down because we’re here to present you with the extreme anal toy that will fulfill all of your anal fantasies.

It’s not entirely beginner-friendly, but hey, who’s the judge of that? Don’t knock it until you try it. However, we do recommend at least some anal experience. It doesn’t need to be anal sex — any type of anal play that includes anal toys should do.

It might be a little intimidating at first, but this toy is here to serve you. You’re in complete control. So we think it’s time to expand both your horizons and your anus.

What Is a Locking Butt Plug?

We’re about to dive deep into the world of extreme toys. Anal play might’ve looked like a piece of cake before, but not anymore. Not with a lockable butt plug at hand. This toy is for some serious backdoor plays.

Locked and Loaded

A locking butt plug isn’t your regular toy. Think of inflatable or anchor plugs, but more heavy-duty — they’re heavy and robust, made of stainless steel or aluminum. Your anus must be holding onto them for dear life because we have no other explanation as to why they don’t fall out.

The toy itself might be large, but without expanding, that’s all it is — a large plug. So, you can use it as such. It has three petal-shaped prongs that do a fantastic job of stretching your anus, and the rounded tip makes for smooth insertion. At the (other) end, there’s a flared base with a button or a plunge, and lastly, a hole for your padlock or little timer lock.

Let’s talk about how it works. It is simple — pushing the button/pulling the plunge makes the toy expand. In turn, it makes your anus stretch open. It doesn’t immediately expand to the fullest extent, though — you’re in control of how fast (or slow) you want things to go. You can practice opening and closing the plug too. Once you’re happy with your newly acquired anal width, it’s time to lock it all in place.

It’s pretty simple. You find the width you’re comfortable with, and you put a padlock on. Now what? Nothing. Try not to sit down for a while. This is not a plug you can remove easily or on a whim. That is great for control play or anal chastity practice, though. You can practice alone, or with a partner you really trust.

You should just make sure you don’t lose the key.

Who Uses Lockable Butt Plug?

We can’t really say this toy is reserved for anyone in particular. If you have some anal play experience and feel comfortable, you’re free to try it. However, it’s most commonly used in BDSM plays or for those who have extreme butt plug needs.

People who are into control or Dom/Sub play find this toy incredibly helpful. The person in control gets to decide how much the Sub’s anus will stretch. After that, they decide how long they will keep the toy locked in place. It’s quite useful when your Sub misbehaves, and you want to teach them a lesson.

This toy gives you incredible sensations, too. So it’s not all torture and punishment — you just have to open up to it and let it open you up in return. That might not be ideal for you if you’re new to anal or BDSM.

Give yourself some time to try other things before you try extreme anal insertion.

Locking Butt Plug as Anal Chastity

We’ve briefly mentioned anal chastity, so let’s give it more attention. Locking plugs are an amazing anal chastity device, similarly how cock cages work for penises.

What is the main difference, though? This chastity plug isn’t that comfortable for prolonged wear. If you have experience with stuff like this, then you may decide for yourself. But considering the heaviness and how it works, it doesn’t sound like something you could wear for a full day.

But hey — maybe you’re ambitious.

When you lock it in place, there’s no going back. There’s no way out either. All you can do is hope for a key because it’s not at your disposal. Obviously, this prevents any type of anal satisfaction. It can be incredible for people who love anal.

Once your master decides you’ve been good, you’re set free to enjoy yourself.

The Sensation of Using a Locking Butt Plug

But what is it really like using this plug? It’s actually great if you’re trying to work your way up to bigger plugs.

When not expanded, it’s just a regular plug. But you can use the expanding feature to your advantage. How? Expand it little by little. That way, you won’t go overboard, and you’ll stretch yourself out just enough. Or at least as much as you want to.

Once it has expanded, though, you will get this feeling of fullness. Like you’re trying to have a bowel movement but in a good, sexy way. That might not be the sensation you’re looking for, and that’s perfectly fine. For some, though, this is what sends them over the orgasm edge.

The locking factor is incredible for BDSM enthusiasts. Just knowing that someone else has that control is what makes all the difference. That’s why it’s the perfect anal toy for control plays.


If you’re an anal extremist, this is the toy for you. They’re super fun and sometimes risky too.

Anal plays as a whole are incredibly pleasurable. Getting into them is something everyone should do. But what happens when you can’t seem to get enough of your regular toys? That’s when you reach for something like a lockable butt plug.

You can practice the BDSM aspect of it on your own, too. Reclaim the control of yourself or practice self-control. Maybe you play with your butt a little too much, and you’ve decided to chill out a bit and prevent addiction? Lock this toy in place, and you’re guaranteed to lose your habits, at least until your backside is unlocked again.

Tips on how to talk to your partner to try on a chastity belt

Chastity belts sit at the crux of BDSM role play. They are strategically designed to keep the genitals of the sub locked in while the key rests with the dom. Genitals are a great source of power, especially for males. And to offer complete control of the genitals to another person leads to confer of power which is immensely arousing both for the sub and the dom. Chastity belts are available both for men and women and you can choose as per your specific role-play themes.

Are you aspiring to try chastity belts with your partner but apprehensive of his/her reactions? Well, if you have not tried BDSM plays with your partner before, chastity belts could be really intimidating for him/her. In that case, you would have to intimate your partner about the whole aspect of BDSM and its very sensuous appeal. Once your partner gets used to the basic concept of BDSM, you can gradually introduce props like chastity belts in the game.

On the other hand, the job gets a step easier when your partner is already aware of the notion of BDSM. Now, let’s assume that your partner is comfortable with the elementary level of BDSM play. So, how will you introduce chastity belt in your relationship and make him/her excited about it? Well, it’s a very delicate task no doubt but you have the pro tips here to inspire your partner to try out chastity belt.

Increase your partner’s know-how

Intimidation or fear about something is often the result of lack of proper knowledge about the concept. A chastity belt can seem to be pretty scary especially for those who haven’t seen it before. Your first task here is to remove that layer of intimidation by educating your partner about the belt and making him or her familiar about it.

Tell your partner the belt is not some new controversial risk and that it has been in existence since the middle ages. It has been widely used among couples who practiced BDSM play and it has had never been harmful, unless used inappropriately. You  will find several articles, documents and pictures containing sizeable information about chastity belt. More your partner will know about it, better would be her/his vibes about the belt. Another thing that would help is let her browse through the new pages from the lovegasm website, and let her do the shopping for a chastity belt.

Talk about the amazing arousal

The very thing that seems so scary about chastity belt (genitals kept locked in) could be immensely arousing once a person gets used to the belt.  The main aim of the belt is denial of masturbation, orgasm and sex for the person wearing the belt. It leaves the sub with impending orgasm which explodes into a mindblowing climax once the belt is released of the lock. Once you get comfortable with the belt, you will be ready to give away anything in the world to achieve that divine level of orgasm.

So, share those amazing feelings with your partner to inspire him/her to try out a chastity belt. You will find various forums and articles where chastity belt users share about the awesome experiences they have enjoyed with the chastity belt.

Assure about “consent”

A chastity belt that locks in your genitals leaves the sub completely at the mercy of the dom. And that can be pretty terrifying for anybody, even if the person is acquainted with the concept of BDSM. The notion of “consent” plays a crucial role here even if you are using the chastity belt with your real-life partner. Don’t forget both of you are independent individuals and nobody here owns anybody. So, “consent” is extremely important to ensure a healthy, safe and fun play with chastity belt.

Share it with your partner that the entire act with chastity belt will be a consensual affair. Right from choosing a chastity belt to the duration of wearing it, will be determined as per the consent of your partner. Once s/he gets this assurance that her/his consent will matter in the play, s/h will be more confident to try it.

Once you get the consent of your partner, make sure to follow it to the T. Don’t forget, the basis of every BDSM act is fair play.

Discuss sexy ideas to try with the belt

One of the best ways to excite your partner about chastity belt is discussion of sexy acts you may try with the belt. Here is a brief on couple of them.

Idea 1

This tip would be especially great when the sub is a man. Strip your man naked and put him inside a chastity belt. Make him sit on a chair a few steps away from you. Now, take out your clothes one by one and start touching yourself. Press your boobs, run your fingers down under and feel the stimulation. Make him watch you getting all aroused which will eventually arouse him as well and inspire him to masturbate or have sex with you. But he is wearing a chastity belt this time which means doors are locked. It will leave him frustrated with pending orgasm that will result in a super powerful climax once you set the lock free.

Idea 2

Strip him naked and tie his hands. Wrap the chastity belt around him. Now, drive him crazy with passionate nibbles and kisses all over his body. He would long to fuck you but the belt would prevent him. The result, as mentioned above, would be an explosive climax once you will open the belt lock.

Try to be as explicit as possible while discussing these acts with your partner. You have to make him or her picturize the whole thing to get the actual vibe. If you can make your partner aroused about the whole thing, half of the battle is won.

Be careful of “safety” word

Prolonged usage of chastity belts is never sexy and can be pretty damaging for the sub’s health. Thus, the moment your partner will feel even the slightest of discomfort, you will immediately unlock the belt and take it out of him/her. In that light, it’s better to have a pre-determined safety word. It’s like a safety code which your partner has to use if s/he feels any sort of uneasiness or pan with the belt on.

The Ultimate Strategy For Finding The Best Cock Cage In The Market

The whip bear can offer you a wide range of male chastity clamps for a small price. We carry penis cages made of chrome, stainless steel and silicone. Many people love to use DIY cock age too.

A penis metal cage or rather a plastic CB-6000

Now, one or the other may think that a metal penis cage is too heavy and bulky to wear for a long time. But that is exactly the attraction for many men. The cages weigh on average between 300 and 400 grams. The weight of the penis cage pulls on penis and testicles alike, around which the cock ring is placed. This pulling does not hurt most men but on the contrary. Many feel excited. Commonly the cage then prevents this excitement so well that it cannot come to a complete erection.

All penile cages, even those with the dilators, such as the penis cage with dilator or the chastity belt for him , you can well and happy to wear for a long time. The dilators are perforated throughout so you can meet your human needs.

The penis cage made of metal is both mysterious and exciting

With that you can really be proud of. The interaction between bare skin and metal always stimulates the senses. Just imagine how you are staring at the penis cage when you present it laid out. All cages come with a lock and 3 keys (if one is lost).

We recommend that the chastity cage be dried after each use. This has the background that we do not want your penis cage to start rusting. Also supposedly stainless steel products and items with a chrome alloy can rust. This is a simple chemical process. Metal meets water and oxygen. If you clean your metal cages from time to time and then dry them, you can wear them for a lifetime.

Penis cage with adjustable cock ring

A very special model is the heavy duty stainless steel penis cage. Here you can freely adjust both the length of the cage and the size of the cock ring. Please also try our silicone chastity clamps . To these BDSM cages several cock rings in different sizes are delivered.

A penis cage is in the BDSM scene a popular toy to torment relish. The penis cage reminds at first glance of a medieval prop that was used for the purpose of chastity. In fact, a penile cage is used today to achieve a particular form of stimulation and maximize pleasure rather than limiting it. How far can you play the game with the excitement? This question is all about the penis cage.

The special attraction is the loss of control, because you give full control over your own arousal to your partner. He owns the key and decides when to save you. So, be good to him or her! The penis cage can be made of flexible material such as rubber or silicone. But it can also consist of completely unyielding metal. The penis cage can be tube-like, it can be closed, open or partially open executed.

For beginners especially chastity buckles made of silicone are suitable because they have a residual flexibility. They are ideal to get a sense of the tightness of the cage. Transparent penis cages allow a good view of things and it can be checked if it fits well. A metal cage gives the wearer a lot of fun but is much more restrictive.

A middle course can be a penis cage made of hard plastic. He is also relentless, but should the penis twisted, so that the lock is stuck, the penis can be freed using a simple forceps or the like. With the metal cage liberation is not so easy. Then probably the locksmith would have to be called.


How is the penis cage created?

The penis cage is absolutely comfortable to wear. It consists of high-quality, hypoallergenic material and leaves enough air in the special places. The penis cage is sometimes delivered as a kind of kit, so you can create it just as you want it. The scope of delivery may include, for example, various penis rings, as well as spacers and locks. Before donning it is always advisable to apply lubricant.

What to look for in the penis cage?

To enjoy the game of loss of control for a long time, you should make sure that the penis cage is always well cleaned. A complete body cleansing is not possible with a cage. It also makes sense to shave the genital area, so that no hairs can pinch and tweak. Prolonged carrying of the cage can also lead to chafing and infection.

Order your penis cage now discreetly and uncomplicatedly.

High-quality sextoys for women & men, BDSM products and matching drugstore products you will find in a mass that has it all. Here you are sure to come at your expense. No matter if you are looking for partner toys or you are looking for interesting lust makers for you alone. In addition to well-known national and international top brands, since 2016 we have been developing our own brand “Marie love – for a new swing.” steadily. We are always on the lookout for new trends: always with a careful look at safety, quality and benefits. Discrete shipping and competent customer support are a matter of course for us.

In the true sense, the penis cage is not a garment , but can be worn as such under everyday wear permanently. The penis cage – also called chastity belt for the man – is a device in which the penis is inserted in a relaxed condition. This chastity cage is designed to prevent an erection and above all to prohibit the possibility of masturbation for the man.

Therefore, a penis cage is usually provided with a lock that is locked and the key is in the custody of the key holder, the so-called key mistress, Only she decides, therefore, when the chastity belt (KG) is unlocked again and the KG-slave may empty the semen. Many key mistresses take the milking or a prostate massage for testicular emptying in the context of chastity education itself to keep the pleasure of orgasm as low as possible.

A penis cage is used for chastity education to educate a horny slave to humility and teach him that he should not see women as sex objects and instead submit to the rule. In general, during chastity education, a transformation of the slave’s psyche and his fixation on sex are transformed into a humble attitude towards his KG mistress.

The wearing of a KG must be learned slowly and the penis cage must fit exactly to avoid injury or damage. In the BDSM game, which is limited in time and only takes one or a few hours, a chastity cage made of steel or leather can be administered. Serves the penis cage for permanent KG education and is worn for days or weeks, it should be a hygienically well usable penile cage, such as hard plastic. These are available in different sizes and shapes and usually a penis cage can also be individually adjusted and regulated.

All cock cages mentioned on this article has something to do with

The Number One Question You Must Ask For: Difference between Virginity and Chastity

When I talk with my friends and with their children (who are between 20 and 25 years old) about mutual feelings and premarital relationships, I always hear the same thing – it is impossible without sex. It’s amazing that not only young people think this way. Recently, telling a family psychotherapist (with 40 years of work experience) about a girl who, having absolute success with men did not enter into close relationships with anyone unexpectedly came across a dismissive “ist.” You need to have the best Male chastity guide for the same.

The power of hormones is so great that it is very difficult to cope with it. Let my son get mad, a caring mother will say. Oh well. Just why would she never agree to her son marrying that one who had turned up first for the administration of his lust?

Yes, very simply, because this girl (in most cases) does not meet any norms of elementary morality. You do not feel the caustic taste of hypocrisy here?

Those girls who believe that “this” is necessary for health or that the relationship must be accompanied by intimacy, even after suffering many sorrows and disappointments, remain in complete delusion and do not see the real reason for their failures in their personal lives.

At the reception comes a girl of 22 years. She was thrown by a young man (a Muslim who came to work) when she became pregnant. The girl complains to me that her beloved was not ready to become a father, because he did not know what a beautiful child she would be born to. But if he saw him, she thinks, he would come back and become an exemplary family man.

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I do not know. One day, an ambassador from an eastern state came to me for a consultation, asking for advice on how to find the perfect girl for marriage. At the age of 47, he tried countless young and very beautiful Moscow girls, but he never met his fate, although by this time he really wanted to have children. I consulted him in the Christian tradition, but he kept saying about sensuality, about blissful sex, about the fact that he is very kind and good, but women cannot understand him even after a month of violent sex, there comes a cooling because of the depravity of a woman due to her excessive talkativeness or because of her indiscreet desires and requests to buy something for her, etc.

And when, after my attempts to explain something to him, I asked him – what is the most important thing that should be in the woman from whom he wanted to have children and with which he would have planned to live all his life? He invariably answered – looks that could awaken crazy sexual feelings, and that sex with her was the height of bliss to the end of his days. And after all, some Russian men of mature age with an immature psyche, the development of which is inhibited by fornication, are considered the same.Sometimes you want to shout. Hey! People, you are lost! From the word fornication, which means intimacy without marriage? You, probably, heard about such an outdated and little used word chastity.

So all the same about chastity

In dictionary it is written that chastity is the same as virginity.If this is so, then this is the trivial preservation of a certain physiology before marriage or the fulfillment of the law, which is somewhere written by someone, and the non-observance of which is not punishable by fine or prison.

So who needs such a law?

Such chastity is found in Islam, in which there are punishments provided for by the laws of Sharia (Islamic law developed on the basis of the Koran and the Hadith). For example, 100 lash for adultery for an unmarried woman or a man who is single.

What does chastity mean for Christians, for people brought up in the Orthodox tradition?

Chastity is the integrity of wisdom, the sacred meaning of which lies beyond the surface of today’s man in the street that has chosen his motto – God, give us what to eat and drink, and the Kingdom of Heaven will follow us.


Chastity is a person’s observance of a conscious self-prohibition of knowing, experiencing and accomplishing everything that can weaken or destroy the ability to resist and resist evil. At the heart of chastity is shame, thanks to which the human soul remains whole, as shame keeps it from falling into a state of depravity. Chaste are distinguished integrity, harmony, and purity. The main purpose of chastity is to protect the fragile soul of a person, to let it form. It is a kind of haze that harbors a young soul from so far unbearable trials, thanks to which human abilities can calmly and smoothly develop.

The Cock Cage Chronicles: How It All Began

At first, the chastity and the associated penis cage may sound a bit daunting to one or the other. But if you engage more intensively with the chastity, then for many not only the interest grows, but also the curiosity to try it for yourself. For more and more people this is the beginning of an extremely exciting experience, namely the rediscovery of their own sexuality. As soon as you start wearing a penis cage and have the benefit of male chastity, you will not be able to get away from it. So here is the history of cock cages for you.

If you have decided to buy penile cage, the choice of the most suitable and best penis cage may not be easy. Especially not in view of the seemingly endless mass of male chastity belts available on the market, some of which have good quality and others miserable quality. So you do not come across such a chastity clamp and buy the most suitable penile cage for you, we looked at a variety of penile cages and compared them with each other.

What to pay attention to when buying and then using a penis cage you will find in the following on our comparison table about the best chastity cages in our penis cage test.

Why buy a penis cage? The special charm of the chastity clamp

A penis cage also chastity cage, chastity clamp, chastity belt for men or vulgar cock cage called – serves the “locking” of the penis and thus the withdrawal of a part of the self-control of the man. For this purpose, the penis cage or the basket of the penis cage is slipped over the limb and provided with a lock. The matching key is given to the so-called “key holder”, usually the partner. Find out more about the penis cage here. From now on it depends entirely on her if and when she allows the liberation of the penis from the chastity cage.

Unless you decide on a good and quality chastity belt for the man, no sexual activities such as masturbation or sexual intercourse are now possible unnoticed for him. As a result, his sexual desire inevitably increases day by day – the longer you keep the penis cage closed, the greater the effect will be. This dependency gives the man a position of intercourse that has never been before or has not existed for a long time, and robs him of the self-understanding of his own gratification.

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Keep man chaste – impossible?

Is male chastity impossible with the help of the chastity belt? A majority of users are totally euphoric when they buy their penis cage. Even when first applying the chastity clamp, the joy of a possibly new section of their own sexuality is great and there is a high expectation. However, some are unaware of the consequences of weeks of withdrawal from sexual satisfaction ecabuse the sexual desire of the man will reach a level that hardly a user would have dreamed before wearing his penis cage.


At this point, it is now, especially for the key holder or the partner, not to be weak in order to be able to fully enjoy the chastity of the man. This should be seen as a challenge and as part of the game because with the small number of users who fail wearing their chastity cage, the reason for this is not the lack of quality penile cage, which may open unnoticed. These times are long gone and now there are a large number of quality and good chastity cages on the market, such as the test winners from our penis cage test. No, the reason why these users fail is the lack of discipline of the man and the lack of steadfastness of his partner.

The chastity of the man as an opportunity to rediscover their own sexuality

Many couples long for a new “kick” in their sexuality, they want to give her more stimuli and possibly increase her lust. Suitable for this is wearing the penis cage excellent, but also for those who like to try something new. Female chastity is an already practiced method whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. New is the principle of male chastity by means of a penis cage, which brings a whole new perspective on the often characterized by classical gender roles sexuality because here the woman is in a leading role. She is the key holder, she owns the key and she determines the sexuality of her husband. With the penis cage masturbation is impossible, which gives the sexual intercourse, especially from the point of view of man a whole new meaning.

Probably the biggest effect and also benefit of the chastity of the man provided you operate it in the longer term and with a certain discipline, but is the desire of the man, as he has certainly not experienced it for some time. This again gives the own sexuality a much higher importance, because the self-understanding of one’s own satisfaction diminishes. This inevitably makes sexual intercourse enormously more important and, for many, an increase in one’s own quality of life that they no longer want to miss.

Home Made Sex Toys

Forget worrying over costly sex toys sold by adult to stores. Do you know you can make sex toys with simple ingredients available in your home only? Yes, you heard it right. For example, a necktie will make a fabulous restraint for bondage while a warm glass bottle can be truly arousing nipple sucker. Much to your delight, here is a brief on some excellent homemade sex toys that you can make easily anytime. Just please don’t use egg as substitute to yonis as seen on movies. Otherwise, it’s gonna be messy down there.

Ice dildo

It’s one of the simplest sex toys you can make at home. Just take a fresh condom, fill it with water and add a long cardboard tube. Then, just put the whole thing in your freezer. Once it gets frozen, you can use it as a dildo. Don’t take out the condom while using it on your nether regions. This way, this becomes a hygienic sex toy for your pleasure.

For men, this is the natural butt plug to boost testosterone.


Go to the kitchen and get a metal spoon. Now, just warm it up with body temperature by rubbing it in between hands. After the spoon has warmed up, rub the mouth on clit in circular motions. If you want lubrication, you can dab coconut oil on the spoon and then use it for rubbing.

DIY nipple sucker

You will need two main ingredients here- one glass bottle and a cloth to wrap the bottle. First, you will have to chill the cloth. Damp towel will also do if you can’t find any clean cloth. As you send the towel/cloth to freeze, start boiling water. You have to immerse your glass bottle into the water. So, take a bowl accordingly. The bottle has to be soaked in extreme hot water for 5-6 minutes. Then, take out the frozen cloth and the bottle as well. Next, you will dab some lube around nipples and the mouth of the hot bottle over the nipple. Simultaneously, you will wrap up the bottle with the frozen cloth as well. The entire arrangement will lead to subtle temperature difference that will eventually create suction and pull the nipples into bottle.


Do you know you can use your mundane tampons as super exciting sex toys? Well, tampons make amazing butt plugs and also assure a safe way to enjoy some thrilling butt play. Just lube it up a little and insert it in your butt. at the same time, start masturbating for a more fulfilling experience. Tampons are softer and smaller compared to many other sex toys. Thus, if you haven’t used any sex toy previously, tampons will be great to get started with anal insertion.

Beaded necklace

Want to drive him crazy like anything? Well, your beaded necklace will be really handy here. It’s not difficult to find in your wardrobe as such necklaces are a part of every girl’s arsenal. Beaded necklaces are great as arousal tools and you can use them before having sex for a sensational foreplay. You will simply need to roll the necklace across his naked body & let the beads glide him into a euphoric sensation.

BDSM toys

If you are in the mood for some bondage-dominatrix fun, you don’t have to look beyond your home for the BDSM aides. The good news is there are several everyday items that can be happily used for a full BDSM session. Some of the best things that you can use from home for BDSM are:

  • Wooden spoon or spatula will be amazing for spanking
  • If you want nipple play, use paper clips or clamps
  • A couple of wires can be used as chastity cage for porn addicts. The same chastity cages seen on movies. These makeshift chastity cages are on trailers too! They’re everywhere as they are cheap and famous.
  • A soft waist-belt can be used as a nice single-tail whip
  • Big and long vegetables used as adult butt plugs and for dilating and gaping ass holes.
  • A feather duster will be awesome for an unforgettable round of tease & tickle fun
  • Any metal thing, as long as smooth, can be used as urethral sounds for slave role-playing. It’s fun!
  • Neckties, scarves and shoelaces will be good as restraints. Bunch of them will make sex swings for improving sexuality sessions with your partner.

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