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The Ultimate Strategy For Finding The Best Cock Cage In The Market

The whip bear can offer you a wide range of male chastity clamps for a small price. We carry penis cages made of chrome, stainless steel and silicone. Many people love to use DIY cock age too.

A penis metal cage or rather a plastic CB-6000

Now, one or the other may think that a metal penis cage is too heavy and bulky to wear for a long time. But that is exactly the attraction for many men. The cages weigh on average between 300 and 400 grams. The weight of the penis cage pulls on penis and testicles alike, around which the cock ring is placed. This pulling does not hurt most men but on the contrary. Many feel excited. Commonly the cage then prevents this excitement so well that it cannot come to a complete erection.

All penile cages, even those with the dilators, such as the penis cage with dilator or the chastity belt for him , you can well and happy to wear for a long time. The dilators are perforated throughout so you can meet your human needs.

The penis cage made of metal is both mysterious and exciting

With that you can really be proud of. The interaction between bare skin and metal always stimulates the senses. Just imagine how you are staring at the penis cage when you present it laid out. All cages come with a lock and 3 keys (if one is lost).

We recommend that the chastity cage be dried after each use. This has the background that we do not want your penis cage to start rusting. Also supposedly stainless steel products and items with a chrome alloy can rust. This is a simple chemical process. Metal meets water and oxygen. If you clean your metal cages from time to time and then dry them, you can wear them for a lifetime.

Penis cage with adjustable cock ring

A very special model is the heavy duty stainless steel penis cage. Here you can freely adjust both the length of the cage and the size of the cock ring. Please also try our silicone chastity clamps . To these BDSM cages several cock rings in different sizes are delivered.

A penis cage is in the BDSM scene a popular toy to torment relish. The penis cage reminds at first glance of a medieval prop that was used for the purpose of chastity. In fact, a penile cage is used today to achieve a particular form of stimulation and maximize pleasure rather than limiting it. How far can you play the game with the excitement? This question is all about the penis cage.

The special attraction is the loss of control, because you give full control over your own arousal to your partner. He owns the key and decides when to save you. So, be good to him or her! The penis cage can be made of flexible material such as rubber or silicone. But it can also consist of completely unyielding metal. The penis cage can be tube-like, it can be closed, open or partially open executed.

For beginners especially chastity buckles made of silicone are suitable because they have a residual flexibility. They are ideal to get a sense of the tightness of the cage. Transparent penis cages allow a good view of things and it can be checked if it fits well. A metal cage gives the wearer a lot of fun but is much more restrictive.

A middle course can be a penis cage made of hard plastic. He is also relentless, but should the penis twisted, so that the lock is stuck, the penis can be freed using a simple forceps or the like. With the metal cage liberation is not so easy. Then probably the locksmith would have to be called.


How is the penis cage created?

The penis cage is absolutely comfortable to wear. It consists of high-quality, hypoallergenic material and leaves enough air in the special places. The penis cage is sometimes delivered as a kind of kit, so you can create it just as you want it. The scope of delivery may include, for example, various penis rings, as well as spacers and locks. Before donning it is always advisable to apply lubricant.

What to look for in the penis cage?

To enjoy the game of loss of control for a long time, you should make sure that the penis cage is always well cleaned. A complete body cleansing is not possible with a cage. It also makes sense to shave the genital area, so that no hairs can pinch and tweak. Prolonged carrying of the cage can also lead to chafing and infection.

Order your penis cage now discreetly and uncomplicatedly.

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In the true sense, the penis cage is not a garment , but can be worn as such under everyday wear permanently. The penis cage – also called chastity belt for the man – is a device in which the penis is inserted in a relaxed condition. This chastity cage is designed to prevent an erection and above all to prohibit the possibility of masturbation for the man.

Therefore, a penis cage is usually provided with a lock that is locked and the key is in the custody of the key holder, the so-called key mistress, Only she decides, therefore, when the chastity belt (KG) is unlocked again and the KG-slave may empty the semen. Many key mistresses take the milking or a prostate massage for testicular emptying in the context of chastity education itself to keep the pleasure of orgasm as low as possible.

A penis cage is used for chastity education to educate a horny slave to humility and teach him that he should not see women as sex objects and instead submit to the rule. In general, during chastity education, a transformation of the slave’s psyche and his fixation on sex are transformed into a humble attitude towards his KG mistress.

The wearing of a KG must be learned slowly and the penis cage must fit exactly to avoid injury or damage. In the BDSM game, which is limited in time and only takes one or a few hours, a chastity cage made of steel or leather can be administered. Serves the penis cage for permanent KG education and is worn for days or weeks, it should be a hygienically well usable penile cage, such as hard plastic. These are available in different sizes and shapes and usually a penis cage can also be individually adjusted and regulated.

All cock cages mentioned on this article has something to do with

The Number One Question You Must Ask For: Difference between Virginity and Chastity

When I talk with my friends and with their children (who are between 20 and 25 years old) about mutual feelings and premarital relationships, I always hear the same thing – it is impossible without sex. It’s amazing that not only young people think this way. Recently, telling a family psychotherapist (with 40 years of work experience) about a girl who, having absolute success with men did not enter into close relationships with anyone unexpectedly came across a dismissive “ist.” You need to have the best Male chastity guide for the same.

The power of hormones is so great that it is very difficult to cope with it. Let my son get mad, a caring mother will say. Oh well. Just why would she never agree to her son marrying that one who had turned up first for the administration of his lust?

Yes, very simply, because this girl (in most cases) does not meet any norms of elementary morality. You do not feel the caustic taste of hypocrisy here?

Those girls who believe that “this” is necessary for health or that the relationship must be accompanied by intimacy, even after suffering many sorrows and disappointments, remain in complete delusion and do not see the real reason for their failures in their personal lives.

At the reception comes a girl of 22 years. She was thrown by a young man (a Muslim who came to work) when she became pregnant. The girl complains to me that her beloved was not ready to become a father, because he did not know what a beautiful child she would be born to. But if he saw him, she thinks, he would come back and become an exemplary family man.

Checkout this link to see a guide for putting on a chastity device.

I do not know. One day, an ambassador from an eastern state came to me for a consultation, asking for advice on how to find the perfect girl for marriage. At the age of 47, he tried countless young and very beautiful Moscow girls, but he never met his fate, although by this time he really wanted to have children. I consulted him in the Christian tradition, but he kept saying about sensuality, about blissful sex, about the fact that he is very kind and good, but women cannot understand him even after a month of violent sex, there comes a cooling because of the depravity of a woman due to her excessive talkativeness or because of her indiscreet desires and requests to buy something for her, etc.

And when, after my attempts to explain something to him, I asked him – what is the most important thing that should be in the woman from whom he wanted to have children and with which he would have planned to live all his life? He invariably answered – looks that could awaken crazy sexual feelings, and that sex with her was the height of bliss to the end of his days. And after all, some Russian men of mature age with an immature psyche, the development of which is inhibited by fornication, are considered the same.Sometimes you want to shout. Hey! People, you are lost! From the word fornication, which means intimacy without marriage? You, probably, heard about such an outdated and little used word chastity.

So all the same about chastity

In dictionary it is written that chastity is the same as virginity.If this is so, then this is the trivial preservation of a certain physiology before marriage or the fulfillment of the law, which is somewhere written by someone, and the non-observance of which is not punishable by fine or prison.

So who needs such a law?

Such chastity is found in Islam, in which there are punishments provided for by the laws of Sharia (Islamic law developed on the basis of the Koran and the Hadith). For example, 100 lash for adultery for an unmarried woman or a man who is single.

What does chastity mean for Christians, for people brought up in the Orthodox tradition?

Chastity is the integrity of wisdom, the sacred meaning of which lies beyond the surface of today’s man in the street that has chosen his motto – God, give us what to eat and drink, and the Kingdom of Heaven will follow us.


Chastity is a person’s observance of a conscious self-prohibition of knowing, experiencing and accomplishing everything that can weaken or destroy the ability to resist and resist evil. At the heart of chastity is shame, thanks to which the human soul remains whole, as shame keeps it from falling into a state of depravity. Chaste are distinguished integrity, harmony, and purity. The main purpose of chastity is to protect the fragile soul of a person, to let it form. It is a kind of haze that harbors a young soul from so far unbearable trials, thanks to which human abilities can calmly and smoothly develop.

The Cock Cage Chronicles: How It All Began

At first, the chastity and the associated penis cage may sound a bit daunting to one or the other. But if you engage more intensively with the chastity, then for many not only the interest grows, but also the curiosity to try it for yourself. For more and more people this is the beginning of an extremely exciting experience, namely the rediscovery of their own sexuality. As soon as you start wearing a penis cage and have the benefit of male chastity, you will not be able to get away from it. So here is the history of cock cages for you.

If you have decided to buy penile cage, the choice of the most suitable and best penis cage may not be easy. Especially not in view of the seemingly endless mass of male chastity belts available on the market, some of which have good quality and others miserable quality. So you do not come across such a chastity clamp and buy the most suitable penile cage for you, we looked at a variety of penile cages and compared them with each other.

What to pay attention to when buying and then using a penis cage you will find in the following on our comparison table about the best chastity cages in our penis cage test.

Why buy a penis cage? The special charm of the chastity clamp

A penis cage also chastity cage, chastity clamp, chastity belt for men or vulgar cock cage called – serves the “locking” of the penis and thus the withdrawal of a part of the self-control of the man. For this purpose, the penis cage or the basket of the penis cage is slipped over the limb and provided with a lock. The matching key is given to the so-called “key holder”, usually the partner. Find out more about the penis cage here. From now on it depends entirely on her if and when she allows the liberation of the penis from the chastity cage.

Unless you decide on a good and quality chastity belt for the man, no sexual activities such as masturbation or sexual intercourse are now possible unnoticed for him. As a result, his sexual desire inevitably increases day by day – the longer you keep the penis cage closed, the greater the effect will be. This dependency gives the man a position of intercourse that has never been before or has not existed for a long time, and robs him of the self-understanding of his own gratification.

If you want to know more about cock cages,’s a good source.

Keep man chaste – impossible?

Is male chastity impossible with the help of the chastity belt? A majority of users are totally euphoric when they buy their penis cage. Even when first applying the chastity clamp, the joy of a possibly new section of their own sexuality is great and there is a high expectation. However, some are unaware of the consequences of weeks of withdrawal from sexual satisfaction ecabuse the sexual desire of the man will reach a level that hardly a user would have dreamed before wearing his penis cage.


At this point, it is now, especially for the key holder or the partner, not to be weak in order to be able to fully enjoy the chastity of the man. This should be seen as a challenge and as part of the game because with the small number of users who fail wearing their chastity cage, the reason for this is not the lack of quality penile cage, which may open unnoticed. These times are long gone and now there are a large number of quality and good chastity cages on the market, such as the test winners from our penis cage test. No, the reason why these users fail is the lack of discipline of the man and the lack of steadfastness of his partner.

The chastity of the man as an opportunity to rediscover their own sexuality

Many couples long for a new “kick” in their sexuality, they want to give her more stimuli and possibly increase her lust. Suitable for this is wearing the penis cage excellent, but also for those who like to try something new. Female chastity is an already practiced method whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. New is the principle of male chastity by means of a penis cage, which brings a whole new perspective on the often characterized by classical gender roles sexuality because here the woman is in a leading role. She is the key holder, she owns the key and she determines the sexuality of her husband. With the penis cage masturbation is impossible, which gives the sexual intercourse, especially from the point of view of man a whole new meaning.

Probably the biggest effect and also benefit of the chastity of the man provided you operate it in the longer term and with a certain discipline, but is the desire of the man, as he has certainly not experienced it for some time. This again gives the own sexuality a much higher importance, because the self-understanding of one’s own satisfaction diminishes. This inevitably makes sexual intercourse enormously more important and, for many, an increase in one’s own quality of life that they no longer want to miss.

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