A list of erotica featuring submissive males locked in chastity by dominant women.

Femdom Ecstasy

A story of hardcore female domination combined with the ultimate list of femdom teases, punishments and humiliations. Femdom Ecstasy is the tale of a college professor who becomes totally dominated by the gorgeous Carmen.

She Makes Him Beg

Seven short stories of female domination. These hot and sexy tales include lashings of bondage, enforced chastity and humiliation for a variety of male slaves.
In story one, The Absolute Slave, this poor man’s girlfriend uses chastity and bondage to turn him into an absolute slave who is forced to serve her as a sexual plaything.

Femdom Humiliation: Chastity sissy gets cuckolded

This story features female domination over a submissive male slave. The scenes contain; Male chastity. Forced feminization. Transformation into a sissy maid. A sissy tied and chained in bondage. A sissy teased and tormented. Forced anal play. Cuckolding. Forced cum eating. Extreme humiliation, spanking and whipping.

She Makes Him Kneel

Four x-rated short stories packed with graphic female domination over male slaves.
In ‘Sunday Morning Slave’ a submissive husband is kept in chastity and chained naked to his office chair. We hear about how he has to serve his dominant wife and lick her underwear clean on command.
‘Sugar Daddy Gets a Fashion Show.’ An older man is kept in chastity by two incredibly sexy young ladies who tie him and then perform strip teases to torment him.

Extreme Femdom Humiliation: Sissy Cuckolds Kept in Chastity

Three intense short stories of extreme female domination.
Story one is ‘From Free Man to Submissive Sissy Cuck’.
This tells the tale of a man who allows a professional dominatrix to move into his apartment.
Very quickly his body is shaved and he is locked in chastity. She turns him into a sissy, dresses him in panties and then cuckolds and humiliates him.