Do you feel like plain old anal toys aren’t doing it for you anymore? Does it always feel like you need more? Settle down because we’re here to present you with the extreme anal toy that will fulfill all of your anal fantasies.

It’s not entirely beginner-friendly, but hey, who’s the judge of that? Don’t knock it until you try it. However, we do recommend at least some anal experience. It doesn’t need to be anal sex — any type of anal play that includes anal toys should do.

It might be a little intimidating at first, but this toy is here to serve you. You’re in complete control. So we think it’s time to expand both your horizons and your anus.

What Is a Locking Butt Plug?

We’re about to dive deep into the world of extreme toys. Anal play might’ve looked like a piece of cake before, but not anymore. Not with a lockable butt plug at hand. This toy is for some serious backdoor plays.

Locked and Loaded

A locking butt plug isn’t your regular toy. Think of inflatable or anchor plugs, but more heavy-duty — they’re heavy and robust, made of stainless steel or aluminum. Your anus must be holding onto them for dear life because we have no other explanation as to why they don’t fall out.

The toy itself might be large, but without expanding, that’s all it is — a large plug. So, you can use it as such. It has three petal-shaped prongs that do a fantastic job of stretching your anus, and the rounded tip makes for smooth insertion. At the (other) end, there’s a flared base with a button or a plunge, and lastly, a hole for your padlock or little timer lock.

Let’s talk about how it works. It is simple — pushing the button/pulling the plunge makes the toy expand. In turn, it makes your anus stretch open. It doesn’t immediately expand to the fullest extent, though — you’re in control of how fast (or slow) you want things to go. You can practice opening and closing the plug too. Once you’re happy with your newly acquired anal width, it’s time to lock it all in place.

It’s pretty simple. You find the width you’re comfortable with, and you put a padlock on. Now what? Nothing. Try not to sit down for a while. This is not a plug you can remove easily or on a whim. That is great for control play or anal chastity practice, though. You can practice alone, or with a partner you really trust.

You should just make sure you don’t lose the key.

Who Uses Lockable Butt Plug?

We can’t really say this toy is reserved for anyone in particular. If you have some anal play experience and feel comfortable, you’re free to try it. However, it’s most commonly used in BDSM plays or for those who have extreme butt plug needs.

People who are into control or Dom/Sub play find this toy incredibly helpful. The person in control gets to decide how much the Sub’s anus will stretch. After that, they decide how long they will keep the toy locked in place. It’s quite useful when your Sub misbehaves, and you want to teach them a lesson.

This toy gives you incredible sensations, too. So it’s not all torture and punishment — you just have to open up to it and let it open you up in return. That might not be ideal for you if you’re new to anal or BDSM.

Give yourself some time to try other things before you try extreme anal insertion.

Locking Butt Plug as Anal Chastity

We’ve briefly mentioned anal chastity, so let’s give it more attention. Locking plugs are an amazing anal chastity device, similarly how cock cages work for penises.

What is the main difference, though? This chastity plug isn’t that comfortable for prolonged wear. If you have experience with stuff like this, then you may decide for yourself. But considering the heaviness and how it works, it doesn’t sound like something you could wear for a full day.

But hey — maybe you’re ambitious.

When you lock it in place, there’s no going back. There’s no way out either. All you can do is hope for a key because it’s not at your disposal. Obviously, this prevents any type of anal satisfaction. It can be incredible for people who love anal.

Once your master decides you’ve been good, you’re set free to enjoy yourself.

The Sensation of Using a Locking Butt Plug

But what is it really like using this plug? It’s actually great if you’re trying to work your way up to bigger plugs.

When not expanded, it’s just a regular plug. But you can use the expanding feature to your advantage. How? Expand it little by little. That way, you won’t go overboard, and you’ll stretch yourself out just enough. Or at least as much as you want to.

Once it has expanded, though, you will get this feeling of fullness. Like you’re trying to have a bowel movement but in a good, sexy way. That might not be the sensation you’re looking for, and that’s perfectly fine. For some, though, this is what sends them over the orgasm edge.

The locking factor is incredible for BDSM enthusiasts. Just knowing that someone else has that control is what makes all the difference. That’s why it’s the perfect anal toy for control plays.


If you’re an anal extremist, this is the toy for you. They’re super fun and sometimes risky too.

Anal plays as a whole are incredibly pleasurable. Getting into them is something everyone should do. But what happens when you can’t seem to get enough of your regular toys? That’s when you reach for something like a lockable butt plug.

You can practice the BDSM aspect of it on your own, too. Reclaim the control of yourself or practice self-control. Maybe you play with your butt a little too much, and you’ve decided to chill out a bit and prevent addiction? Lock this toy in place, and you’re guaranteed to lose your habits, at least until your backside is unlocked again.