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12 Orgasmic Teledildonics Sex Toy Games

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For those of you who don’t know, “wearable” sex toys (aka. Teledildonics)  are vibrators that will stay inside of you while you go about your day (and can be controlled through a smartphone app or remote controls).


And while the titillation of just wearing them out in public is often enough, couples sometimes want spicier activities or adventures. Here are some fun escapades you can try…





You can’t show any reaction when the toy is on. If you do, you must pay a penalty. Example: take a shot, confess a secret, perform a dare, owe a favor etc. Locations can be anywhere – quiet restaurant, party, club, dinner with friends etc.


An adaptation of endurance can include, “Strike a Pose” — where the wearer must hold a pose for X-minutes while the toy is on.



Couples mingle. One person has a remote and randomly turns it on. Another person is wearing a toy. Others have to guess who’s wearing the toy. Right guesses gain a prize while incorrect guesses gain a penalty.



See if you can walk a straight line while your toy is being controlled.



Simple, but spinning a bottle and whoever it lands on gets to control the toy for X-minutes, seeing if they can make the person orgasm.



An alternative to “Spin the Bottle”, make labels with toy instructions (leave on high for 30 sec, make a pattern, try a public pattern etc.) put in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle. Perform whatever instructions it points to. The goal can be to organs or not orgasm with prizes or penalties. They can be chastising big penis or just pinching small nipples.



Not so much a game as just publically using the toy – Make a coupon book with toy promises or instructions. The wearer can hand in whatever card they want the controller to perform.



Using regular dice (or role-playing dice which have more sides), each number is a vibration level you will turn the toy up or down to. If your toy has more than one function, roll two dice.



While wearing a toy the person must play Simon Says. Sounds simple, but pleasure can be a big distraction.



Harder, but fun. Give the remote to the wearer and have he/she increase or decrease levels. Have the other person try to guess what level it’s on. This is easier if you can agree on set levels ahead of time.



Agree on a limited playlist beforehand (eg. No more than 5-10 very different songs). While wearing the toy, and having it synced to one song, the wearer guesses which tune.



Send the wearer up to sing a karaoke song (while wearing the toy) and see if they can get through it without cracking their voice, forgetting a line, or orgasming.



While out in public, choose a word (or even a sound) and every time you hear it, set the toy off for a couple of seconds. Car horns during rush hour … is just mean (or nice).





For users who are DIY inclined, look up instructions for making a “prize wheel” or “spinner” to make instructions, prizes, or penalties easier to handle while in public.




Cut a circle from firmer paper, divide it into slices and write whatever information you want. Push a thumbtack or coin through the middle. This makes a simple spinning top. Place something small on the table that serves as the “stopping point.”


Alternatively, instead of a pin, you can place a fidget spinner on top of the paper disc and put a dot on one arm as the stopping point.


PINTEREST SEARCH: “Spinners” will yield some good results.


INSTEAD OF A SPINNER, get a deck of play cards and write whatever instructions, prizes, or penalties on each one and randomly draw. Easy to carry around and offers more options.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Do you have any fun, wearable sex toy games that you can play in public (and not get arrested)?

Home Made Sex Toys

Forget worrying over costly sex toys sold by adult to stores. Do you know you can make sex toys with simple ingredients available in your home only? Yes, you heard it right. For example, a necktie will make a fabulous restraint for bondage while a warm glass bottle can be truly arousing nipple sucker. Much to your delight, here is a brief on some excellent homemade sex toys that you can make easily anytime. Just please don’t use egg as substitute to yonis as seen on movies. Otherwise, it’s gonna be messy down there.

Ice dildo

It’s one of the simplest sex toys you can make at home. Just take a fresh condom, fill it with water and add a long cardboard tube. Then, just put the whole thing in your freezer. Once it gets frozen, you can use it as a dildo. Don’t take out the condom while using it on your nether regions. This way, this becomes a hygienic sex toy for your pleasure.

For men, this is the natural butt plug to boost testosterone.


Go to the kitchen and get a metal spoon. Now, just warm it up with body temperature by rubbing it in between hands. After the spoon has warmed up, rub the mouth on clit in circular motions. If you want lubrication, you can dab coconut oil on the spoon and then use it for rubbing.

DIY nipple sucker

You will need two main ingredients here- one glass bottle and a cloth to wrap the bottle. First, you will have to chill the cloth. Damp towel will also do if you can’t find any clean cloth. As you send the towel/cloth to freeze, start boiling water. You have to immerse your glass bottle into the water. So, take a bowl accordingly. The bottle has to be soaked in extreme hot water for 5-6 minutes. Then, take out the frozen cloth and the bottle as well. Next, you will dab some lube around nipples and the mouth of the hot bottle over the nipple. Simultaneously, you will wrap up the bottle with the frozen cloth as well. The entire arrangement will lead to subtle temperature difference that will eventually create suction and pull the nipples into bottle.


Do you know you can use your mundane tampons as super exciting sex toys? Well, tampons make amazing butt plugs and also assure a safe way to enjoy some thrilling butt play. Just lube it up a little and insert it in your butt. at the same time, start masturbating for a more fulfilling experience. Tampons are softer and smaller compared to many other sex toys. Thus, if you haven’t used any sex toy previously, tampons will be great to get started with anal insertion.

Beaded necklace

Want to drive him crazy like anything? Well, your beaded necklace will be really handy here. It’s not difficult to find in your wardrobe as such necklaces are a part of every girl’s arsenal. Beaded necklaces are great as arousal tools and you can use them before having sex for a sensational foreplay. You will simply need to roll the necklace across his naked body & let the beads glide him into a euphoric sensation.

BDSM toys

If you are in the mood for some bondage-dominatrix fun, you don’t have to look beyond your home for the BDSM aides. The good news is there are several everyday items that can be happily used for a full BDSM session. Some of the best things that you can use from home for BDSM are:

  • Wooden spoon or spatula will be amazing for spanking
  • If you want nipple play, use paper clips or clamps
  • A couple of wires can be used as chastity cage for porn addicts. The same chastity cages seen on movies. These makeshift chastity cages are on trailers too! They’re everywhere as they are cheap and famous.
  • A soft waist-belt can be used as a nice single-tail whip
  • Big and long vegetables used as adult butt plugs and for dilating and gaping ass holes.
  • A feather duster will be awesome for an unforgettable round of tease & tickle fun
  • Any metal thing, as long as smooth, can be used as urethral sounds for slave role-playing. It’s fun!
  • Neckties, scarves and shoelaces will be good as restraints. Bunch of them will make sex swings for improving sexuality sessions with your partner.

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