Chastity belts sit at the crux of BDSM role play. They are strategically designed to keep the genitals of the sub locked in while the key rests with the dom. Genitals are a great source of power, especially for males. And to offer complete control of the genitals to another person leads to confer of power which is immensely arousing both for the sub and the dom. Chastity belts are available both for men and women and you can choose as per your specific role-play themes.

Are you aspiring to try chastity belts with your partner but apprehensive of his/her reactions? Well, if you have not tried BDSM plays with your partner before, chastity belts could be really intimidating for him/her. In that case, you would have to intimate your partner about the whole aspect of BDSM and its very sensuous appeal. Once your partner gets used to the basic concept of BDSM, you can gradually introduce props like chastity belts in the game.

On the other hand, the job gets a step easier when your partner is already aware of the notion of BDSM. Now, let’s assume that your partner is comfortable with the elementary level of BDSM play. So, how will you introduce chastity belt in your relationship and make him/her excited about it? Well, it’s a very delicate task no doubt but you have the pro tips here to inspire your partner to try out chastity belt.

Increase your partner’s know-how

Intimidation or fear about something is often the result of lack of proper knowledge about the concept. A chastity belt can seem to be pretty scary especially for those who haven’t seen it before. Your first task here is to remove that layer of intimidation by educating your partner about the belt and making him or her familiar about it.

Tell your partner the belt is not some new controversial risk and that it has been in existence since the middle ages. It has been widely used among couples who practiced BDSM play and it has had never been harmful, unless used inappropriately. You  will find several articles, documents and pictures containing sizeable information about chastity belt. More your partner will know about it, better would be her/his vibes about the belt. Another thing that would help is let her browse through the new pages from the lovegasm website, and let her do the shopping for a chastity belt.

Talk about the amazing arousal

The very thing that seems so scary about chastity belt (genitals kept locked in) could be immensely arousing once a person gets used to the belt.  The main aim of the belt is denial of masturbation, orgasm and sex for the person wearing the belt. It leaves the sub with impending orgasm which explodes into a mindblowing climax once the belt is released of the lock. Once you get comfortable with the belt, you will be ready to give away anything in the world to achieve that divine level of orgasm.

So, share those amazing feelings with your partner to inspire him/her to try out a chastity belt. You will find various forums and articles where chastity belt users share about the awesome experiences they have enjoyed with the chastity belt.

Assure about “consent”

A chastity belt that locks in your genitals leaves the sub completely at the mercy of the dom. And that can be pretty terrifying for anybody, even if the person is acquainted with the concept of BDSM. The notion of “consent” plays a crucial role here even if you are using the chastity belt with your real-life partner. Don’t forget both of you are independent individuals and nobody here owns anybody. So, “consent” is extremely important to ensure a healthy, safe and fun play with chastity belt.

Share it with your partner that the entire act with chastity belt will be a consensual affair. Right from choosing a chastity belt to the duration of wearing it, will be determined as per the consent of your partner. Once s/he gets this assurance that her/his consent will matter in the play, s/h will be more confident to try it.

Once you get the consent of your partner, make sure to follow it to the T. Don’t forget, the basis of every BDSM act is fair play.

Discuss sexy ideas to try with the belt

One of the best ways to excite your partner about chastity belt is discussion of sexy acts you may try with the belt. Here is a brief on couple of them.

Idea 1

This tip would be especially great when the sub is a man. Strip your man naked and put him inside a chastity belt. Make him sit on a chair a few steps away from you. Now, take out your clothes one by one and start touching yourself. Press your boobs, run your fingers down under and feel the stimulation. Make him watch you getting all aroused which will eventually arouse him as well and inspire him to masturbate or have sex with you. But he is wearing a chastity belt this time which means doors are locked. It will leave him frustrated with pending orgasm that will result in a super powerful climax once you set the lock free.

Idea 2

Strip him naked and tie his hands. Wrap the chastity belt around him. Now, drive him crazy with passionate nibbles and kisses all over his body. He would long to fuck you but the belt would prevent him. The result, as mentioned above, would be an explosive climax once you will open the belt lock.

Try to be as explicit as possible while discussing these acts with your partner. You have to make him or her picturize the whole thing to get the actual vibe. If you can make your partner aroused about the whole thing, half of the battle is won.

Be careful of “safety” word

Prolonged usage of chastity belts is never sexy and can be pretty damaging for the sub’s health. Thus, the moment your partner will feel even the slightest of discomfort, you will immediately unlock the belt and take it out of him/her. In that light, it’s better to have a pre-determined safety word. It’s like a safety code which your partner has to use if s/he feels any sort of uneasiness or pan with the belt on.